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Small Size Windows Tablet under 7 inches

small windows tablet

The windows tablets are improving with each passing day. A great small windows tablet allows you to watch Netflix, chat with friends, and do casual gaming. With their powerful components and lightweight design, you can get the advantage of its versatile features. Many windows tablets are available on the market at an affordable price. Here are some excellent options for you.

HP 7 Stream Signature Tablet

Do you want a small windows tablet at an affordable price? Consider this powerful model with the incredible build quality. This stylish tablet comes with narrow side bezels. It is lightweight, slim, and compact for business travelers and commuters. 

This model is great for browsing the web, watching TV shows, movies, and reading new books. With this signature addition, you will need antivirus for the protection of your tablet. It features 7-inch touch screen and 1280 x 800 pixels IPS display, Intel Atom Z3735G 1.33 GHz quad-core and 32GB eMMC storage.

Linx Black Tablet 7-inch

If you want a small windows tablet, you can buy this model. It is loaded with features, such as built-in parental control for the safety of your child, rear and front cameras, powerful Quad-core processor, and 1TB online storage (OneDrive). 

It is good for taking pictures and making video calls. The specifications of this tablet are similar to HP Stream. Its battery may last for 4 to 6 hours. Linx comes with Windows 8.1 operating system with Bing.

Toshiba Encore 7-inch Mini WT7-C

Unlike other small windows tablet, it doesn’t have slim side bezel. Its grip profile is different than other models. Still, it is a good tablet for gadget lovers, students, families, and kids. The screen is not HD (high definition), but WSVGA. You can use it for hours of entertainment because of its excellent battery life. 

Encore Mini comes with 16GB built-in memory. You can increase this memory with a MicroSD card. With this tablet, you can get 1-year subscription of Office 365 Personal. Moreover, it comes with 1TB online storage via OneDrive. You can make Skype calls easily.

Remember, small windows tablet allow you to save money. It can be an excellent choice for children. If you want a portable model, a 7-inch windows tablet can be a powerful solution. You can access all the features of Windows. 

A 7-inch tablet can increase your handheld pleasure. Some other small tablets are Toshiba Excite, Google Nexus, and Amazon Kindle Fire. These may have different operating systems. Remember, it is easy to fit a best small windows tablet in your pocket. If you want to read books, it can be a great solution. By keeping this tablet in your pocket, you can actually carry a huge database with you. If your eyes are weak, feel free to buy a tablet with a wider screen, such as 10-inch or more. For students, it is always better to buy medium to large tab.

A small windows tablet can be the right choice to play games, stream music, movies, and other entertainment options. Before selecting a tablet, always consider your needs and environment.        


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