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Bought a new Android Phone? Here’s your guide to set up your phone!

windows tablet pc

Looking for a brand new windows tablet pc for sale? If yes, then it is surely your lucky day because today we are going to give away some new devices to our top readers. If you are new to this page, then you must read the article below for complete details about how to set up your new android device. If you are an Apple user, then don’t feel bad because we have focused on android devices today because we were getting a lot of queries from our reader’s side. So stay tuned for the complete details and know all about getting a windows tablet pc in the end!

Starting your new device!

Today’s article is very detailed and exciting at the same time, and you will learn a lot if you don’t miss the details. Getting a new device can be very exciting, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t fulfil the protocols in this excitement. Started an android device and especially a new one is a very important job, and if you do it in the right way, then you can easily save yourself from future complications. So let us get started with the details.

windows tablet pc

Charging your device!

When you have opened and unboxed your new android device, the first step that the manufacturers and so do we recommend is the charging step. You have to charge your device until it shows you sufficient charging or a percentage number bar that shows you full. By charging we mean sufficiently charging it and not overcharging it. If you have waited so much for your device, then you can wait an hour more to make sure it gets a good start. So make sure you charge it properly and most importantly, with its own charger and wire.

Provide all your credential honestly!

When you have charged your windows tablet pc or your android device you will see that a startup window will appear when you turn it on. This window will ultimately take you to the home page, but before that, you have to provide your personal and in some cases your business details as well for your device’s account. The window will ask you about your date of birth, your full name, the name that you want to put on your device, your email address, your Google account (if any), your new account authorization, your Wi-Fi connection password, your security information and in the end your permission to formally start your android device.

When you have provided all of the above-mentioned information in the right manner, and correctly you will see that your android device will also sync your personal data in the backend system of its cloud that will be registered to your Google account or any other account that you have provided. After this you can start using your phone, you can download applications and log in your social media accounts. We recommend that you restart your phone once you are done with all of the setups.

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