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Become a DJ by Installing these apps in your Android Tablet

7 inch tablet android 6

It can be expensive to become a DJ with a small windows tabletYou will need special apps on this tablet. These apps allow you to mix music tunes. Fortunately, these apps are free or low cost. You must have some great apps on your tablet. See these unique apps for DJ.


It is a famous app for DJs. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily use this app. This app features a physical deck that allows you to control two tracks at a time. Feel free to store Spotify music from your tablet or phone. Make sure to have a premium subscription for this app. This app is available in the iOS app store and Google Play Store. You have to find an alternative for a small windows tablet.

Edjing Mix

If you want a pro-level DJ app, you can download Edjing mix in your tablet. This app has numerous features and offers support for Deezer, local library, cloud storage services, and SoundCloud.

Unfortunately, you can’t use the features of this app for free. The price of this app is reasonable. If you want to become a DJ in the future, you can consider this app. This app is available on the iOS store and Google Play Store. It is not available for a small windows tablet.

small windows tablet

Music Maker Jam

With this popular app, you can pay attention to music creation. It is suitable for hobbyists and has numerous features to create beats and mix music. Feel free to use its in-app instruments. You can add effects and record vocals for music. Get the advantage of different sound packs. It has several features that you may need as a DJ.

Cross DJ

Download this powerful app for professional creations. It is a cross-platform for iOS, Mac, Android, and a small windows tablet. With this professional-grade app, you can get the advantage of numerous features. With decent skills, you can use sample packs, external mixer, and auto mixer. Moreover, in-app purchases are required to improve their use.

DJ Studio 5

It is a fantastic app for intermediate and beginner enthusiasts. With DJ Studio 5, it is possible to get the advantage of eight sound effects, ten sample pads and three-band equalizers, a cue-point, and several other features. It is free from different limitations. Remember, in-app purchases are necessary to increase their effectiveness. You can find it in the Google Play Store.

Djay Pro Windows

With DJay Pro software, you can mix music from iTunes, Explorer, and Spotify. It can be the best addition in your small windows tabletYou will get an exclusive toolkit to perform DJs of every skill level. This software is specially designed for Windows 10. Moreover, it can integrate with the iTunes library, Spotify, and Windows Explorer.

With this app, you can get instant access to different tracks. Powerful features and primeval sound quality make it great software. Some notable points include hardware integration, audio effects, four decks, and high-definition waveforms.

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