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Tablets vs. Smartphones: Which should I choose?

How to get a tablet cheap

How to get a tablet cheap? Before we get into this, we will discuss why tablets have the upper hand on smartphones and how tablets are better than laptops in a few cases.  But how is that? We are going to explain a few reasons why tablets are better than smartphones.

Large Display 

Tablets have a larger display as compared to smartphones. This helps you have a better user experience despite if you are reading or watching videos. If you are reading, you will find the words are not congested as you will find on a smartphone screen. When it comes to watching videos or movies, you will have a more immersive experience as compared to a smartphone. You should mind the screen size when searching how to get android tablet cheap.

Better Power

Tablets are better than smartphones because they are more powerful. Simply, they have better hardware in most cases. They have more RAM, more processing power, better screen, and better cooling. Smartphones are getting the beat down because of their small size. Smartphones are unable to use these high powered components; it’s hard to place powerful hardware in small chassis. Tablets are not congested as smartphones. Therefore they offer better performance. This is how they get the upper hand over smartphones. Understand this before you worry about worrying about how to get a tablet cheap.

Better Battery Life

Tablets have a better battery life as compared to smartphones. Smartphones rarely have higher than 4000mAh capacity; this is because of their small size. Only a few modes have 5000mAh capacity. This is not the case with tablets. They can fit up to 10,000mAh capacity battery. Sometimes tablets have more than one battery, which helps to improve the shelf life of the tablet. You won’t find this in smartphones. 


Tablets are more portable than laptops, but they give laptops a head to head competition when it comes to functionality. Sometimes tablets have the same components as laptops.  Android tablets help you to get more work done. They use a real keyboard which lets you do your work just as you would on a laptop. With the introduction of 2 in 1 device, especially with the full version of Windows 10, you will have no issue doing your work as you would on a laptop. 

If you are wondering how to get a tablet cheap, you should keep the specs in mind. 


It’s a surprise that tablets can be more flexible as compared to smartphones. Tablets can fill the role of laptops and perform well; they are also able to do the job of smartphones. Tablets make a unique fit between laptops and smartphones. If you want a fine fit between both these devices, buying a tablet will not disappoint you. Tablets are ideal for a wide variety of tasks. However, there are still a few scenarios where a laptop or a smartphone will serve you better. Tablets are superior to laptops and smartphones in several ways.

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