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How to Create Bookmarks on an iPad

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Create Bookmarks On IPad

If you own an iPad, you may have found that there is no need for an additional browser. The Safari browser is perfect in itself and offers a solid browsing experience than most other browsers will. In fact, it is so good for surfing the web that you may have never thought of installing another browser from the App Store.

By using the Safari browser, you can actually bookmark the web pages that you find interesting for reading it later. This bookmarking feature is present in all iOS versions from newly purchased devices to older refurbished iPads. Bookmarking a web page on the Safari browser is a bit different than you do with a computer. However, having a clear knowledge about bookmarking in Safari will help you to save your favorite websites for viewing it later. Below is how to create bookmarks on an iPad.

Creating a Bookmark in Safari

Creating a bookmark in the Safari browser is easier when following the correct methods to do so. To create a bookmark, first tap on the Safari browser icon located on the home screen of your iPad. This will open the browser window, then select the bar located at the top, and enter any website URL or link to a page that you want to bookmark.

When the web page is fully loaded on the browser, tap on the Safari Share icon positioned near the main toolbar and text field of the browser. This icon is shaped like a square with an arrow in it. In the pop-up screen that opens, tap on the Add Bookmark option. You can edit the title of the bookmark about to be saved as well as the URL.

By tapping on the circled ‘x’ icon in the text field, you can delete the name and enter your desired title. You can also change the location where the bookmark will be stored. By default, it is set to the Favorites folder and you can change it by tapping on Favorites and then choosing your preferred folder. After changing the settings, tap on the Save button to create your new bookmark.

Accessing Stored Bookmarks

You can access the stored bookmarks in the Safari browser by tapping on the Bookmark icon. This icon appears like an open book and is usually placed at the top. This will display a new window, in which you can tap on the folder where you stored the bookmarks. Amongst the list of bookmarks, tap on any of them to open them in the browser.

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