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3 Things to Do Before you Hand Over your iPad to your Kid

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It is hard to deny the fact that kids love iPads and iPhones. They love to swipe the screen of these electronic gadgets, like to stare at the images in these devices, and love to watch videos and games on them. Consequently, most parents often lend their iPad to their kids to make them happy and occupied. However, it is significant to note that handing over your iPad to your kid without child-proofing the device is not a good idea. This is because your kid may accidentally stumble upon obscene websites and he/she may unintentionally rack up in-app charges, which can cost you a fortune. So below are a few things that you must do before you hand over your iPad to your kid.

Wipe Old Data

The first and most important thing you should do before handing over your old tablet to your kid is to delete or wipe all the data and other files in it. If you want any of these files, then take a backup of your device, as it will help you to access the data whenever you want. After completing the backup, perform a factory reset of your iPad. This will erase all the contents in your tablet and make it look like a fresh new device.

Create an iCloud Account for your Kid

Even if your child is below the age of 13, you will be still able to create a personal iCloud account and Apple ID for your kid. However, you will have to do this under the “Family Sharing” umbrella of Apple. The personal iCloud account will allow your kids to sign into an older iPad or iPhone, purchase items from the iTunes Store, download apps, and more with your approval. In addition to that, he/she will not be able to post selfies on social media websites, tweet, and surf web without your approval.

Set Limits

If you have already wiped off the data in your iPad and created an iCloud account for your kid, then the next thing you should do is to set some limits for your kids. That is, now you will have to determine which features your kid should use and which ones to avoid. If you don’t want your kid to surf the internet and access social media platforms, go to the Restrictions settings on your tablet to block these activities.

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