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How to use your smartphone for your videography hobby?

Smartphone and Tablet

Use your device to take the most beautiful videos ever! Nowadays, YouTubers use smartphones and tablets to start their hobby. There is a misconception that smartphone can’t record the best videos. Remember, you will need special skills and patience to shoot videos with your phone. To add cooling effects in your video, you have to do some editing.

With a smartphone, you can produce videos without spending money. Things can be affordable and effective for you. See these essential tips:

Landscape Mode

If you want to shoot the best videos with a smartphone, make sure to shot in landscape mode. Hold your smartphone horizontally to make editing easy. The final video must look great. Moreover, the perfect aspect ratio is necessary for Vimeo and YouTube. 

Smartphone and Tablet

Arrange Good Lighting

With an expensive smartphone, you can produce average to best videos. If you are shooting with bad light, you will not get great results. Remember, you are using tin sensors. For this reason, better lighting is necessary for you. 

For outdoor shooting, you must not shoot in bright places. The camera of your smartphone can overexpose your shot. The colors may look weird, and shoot may be bright. Find a shady spot to shoot your film. 

Indoors may help you to compensate for poor lighting to get decent footage. Feel free to arrange umbrellas and studio light for shooting. You can buy the a tablet for impressive videography. Carefully adjust the position of light because the film can look grainy.

Keep Camera Steady

If you want to handhold your smartphone to take pictures, you will need lots of practice. A shaky hand may decrease the clarity of videos and photos. It can be tricky to control shaking; therefore, bend elbows and keep your phone closer to the body.

Make sure to hold your phone with both hands. A few high-end smartphones, such as iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 and later have built-in photo stabilization. With this feature, you can shoot stable videos. Remember, video editing software can stabilize your images.

Pay Attention to Audio

If you want to add music scores or voice-over during video editing, make sure to record high-quality audio. You must not film near noise areas because things can affect your sound. Stay away from loud background noises, including city traffic, construction zones, etc. Based on the spectrum of frequency, these noises can be painful to remove during video editing.

Keep Smartphone Closer

Smartphones may not help you to record high-quality videos if you are standing away from your camera. You may get noise in shoots and can be out of focus. Numerous smartphone cameras come with high field view. It means you can capture a wider shooting by staying close to your smartphone. Keep your smartphone closer to the subject to improve focus and image quality.

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