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How to turn off autocorrect in Android and iOS?

Android and iOS

Do you want to turn off autocorrect on your tabletAutocorrect is a modern feature on iOS and Android. Sometimes, it can be annoying instead of helpful. It may attempt different predictions based on your writing patterns. Sometimes, auto-correction can make a simple task difficult. If you are not happy with this feature, feel free to turn it off.

After deactivating autocorrect, things will become easy. You will be able to type the right names and the latest vernacular. Remember, a built-in dictionary of iOS or Android can change the meanings of your message. By turning this feature off, you can frequently switch between different languages. Here are some easy steps to turn off autocorrect:

Turn Off Auto Correct in Android

Remember, settings for this function are different for every keyboard app or software. The autocorrect options are deeply buried in keyboard settings. You have to check sub-menu of a keyboard. For instance, Gboard (default keyboard of Android) needs these modifications to turn off autocorrect.

  • Open “Settings” app.
  • Click “System – Languages and input – Virtual keyboard”.
  • You can see a list of installed keyboard and default installations. Click Gboard or other keyboards to turn off autocorrect.
  • Click text correction.
  • Scroll down all the corrections and find “Auto-correction” to toggle toward off.
  • You are done with this setting.    

After turning off autocorrect, you can get correction suggestions at the top of the keyboard. It will not swap the predicted corrections. Once you add a space after one word, it will leave the word without making changes. Android and iOS

Turn Off Auto Correct in iOS

If you don’t want to autocorrect in your iOS device, you can turn it off completely. Here are some simple instructions.

  • Open app “Settings” on your iPad or iPhone.
  • Go to “General” and Keyboard.
  • Check “Auto-correction” and flip the switch to Off position.
  • Exit out stings to usual.

Remember, you will disable autocorrect, while leaving on spell checking and leaving the quick type keyboard in iOS intact. With auto-correct disabled on iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone, you will not have auto-corrections on iOS. 

Re-enable Auto-Correction

Users can return to autocorrection function to their iOS device. For this purpose, you can follow these steps.

  • Return to “Settings” app and visit “General” and “Keyboard”.
  • Flip to Auto-Correction into an ON Position.

It is sufficient to switch the toggle back ON, and change takes result immediately. Turn back to autocorrecting will be your choice. Some people disable this function to save time. Remember, iOS devices and Android devices come with default settings for autocorrect. Feel free to change everything as per your needs.

Sometimes, autocorrect becomes beneficial because it can adjust words and misspelling easily. The standard keyboard of Google may help you to avoid misspelling. This function may be helpful in the English language. You will face difficulties if you are typing in your native language.

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