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Where to Spend Money for a Gaming PC? On CPU or Graphic Card?

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Most of the people may have a clear idea about the CPU and GPU or Graphics Card. But the people who have been using inexpensive tablets for sale and are new to computing or gaming, may not have any idea what is the purpose of CPU and GPU or graphics card. For such people, let’s start with the basic concepts of both.

CPU or Central Processing Unit

You might have read the phrase somewhere that CPU is the brain of the computer. Now as we are besieged by smart devices, so we can say that CPU is the brain of every smart device around us, whether it’s your mobile phone, laptop, inexpensive tablets for sale, Amazon Alexa, Google Home device, WiFi Router, SmartWatch or anything like that.

Usually a CPU process a single command in its single pulse. Now as the CPU clock generates frequency of Gigahertz, it can process billions of commands in a single second. And that’s how we measure the processing speed or value of CPU. Now with modern operating systems and applications, the computer needed more processing power, so there came a dual-core CPU.

A dual-core CPU has dual processing power than single-core CPU of the same clock speed. After dual-core, there came Octa-Core and Hexa Core CPU in the market. But when it comes to gaming, especially the 3D games, no game is yet developed which can utilize more than two cores of CPU and that’s why most games can’t run or perform well on CPU alone.inexpensive tablets for sale

GPU or Graphics Card

Graphics Card or GPU was introduced to assist CPU in processing complex operations where multiple commands need to be processed simultaneously. GPU has several cores and built-in RAM. GPU or graphics card is useful when it comes to image processing, video editing and rendering, and gaming where complex and multiple processes are run simultaneously.

In other words, GPU is a specialized processor for complex calculations and operations to perform multiple operations in parallel. But most of your inexpensive tablets for sale doesn’t have GPU, and that’s why you can’t run heavy games on them.

CPU vs Graphics Card in Gaming PC

Now you got the idea about both, and you also know the difference between CPU and GPU or Graphics Card. If you are still confused, let me explain the difference in single line. CPU can process a command much faster while GPU is good at handling several commands in parallel if time is not the primary issue. And as the Graphics card or GPU has built-in VRAM, so it will not have to send data and commands to system’s RAM rather, it will quickly store and retrieve from its VRAM, and it will also enhance your computer’s performance. But if you have inexpensive tablets for sale, you may not enjoy this feature.

As most of the games, especially 3D games are designed in such a way where speed is not a matter, but better handling of multiple and complex operations is the main thing, here you will need a high-end GPU. These days, NVidia GeForce RTX 2060 is the most popular Graphics Card for a Gaming PC, but it’s too expensive. The second-best alternative is its older model, i.e. NVidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti. And your inexpensive tablets for sale can’t ever have this expensive GPU.

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