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Rooting Android Device? Install These 5 Google Apps Immediately

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Start with the tablet to buy a new android device. Remember, the android operating system comes with some limitations. Some people are ready to take this chance to root an android device. Rooting is an illegal activity, and device manufacturers end the warranty or support for rooted devices. If you are ready to root an android device, you have to download and install a third-party rooting app. 

Rooting your tablets and smartphones allow you to run specialized apps. These apps need administrator-level permissions to perform particular operations. After rooting a device, you will need these apps. 

1. Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is a vital app to install after rooting a device. It permits you to protect your data files from damages and establish a security shield. No doubt, there are numerous vulnerabilities and uncertain threats in android market. These can damage your device. 

With Titanium Backup, you can take a backup of your devices and restore your content. Users may download this app for free from android store. It is possible to create manual backups if you suspect illicit activities.

2. Quick Book

Download and install this free app from the Play Store of Google. It allows users to use numerous modes on android phones and tablets. With the use of this app, it is easy to access bootloader and recovery modes. 

The app allows you to reboot in different modes with one tap to decrease the hassle of holding down several buttons on the device. This application is ideal for users to access different UI modes. You can get the advantage of quick booting on your tablet. 

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3. ROM Manager

It is an essential app for your tablet or phone. With the ROM manager, you can recover on one custom ROM. With rooted android gadgets, you can install custom ROM to evaluate the famous CWM Recovery. 

Get access to the famous CWM recovery to install your favorite firmware. Make sure to reboot in a recovery mode by following a tapping technique. This application is free on the Play store of Google. Install and download it on your android tablet.

4. CPU Master AnTuTu

If you are not happy with the performance and speed of android devices, you can consider this app. With this CPU Master, it is possible to improve the performance and speed of the processor to ensure faster and smooth android experience. 

You will find it an ideal choice for video streaming and seamless gaming. It is free to download it from the android store and experience significant improvement in speed and performance.  

5. Root Explorer

It permits you to explore the files of root level on the Google android devices. You may not explore these files with a default file manager. With this app, you can delete, modify and view the android phone software and unnecessary files. Make sure to use it carefully to avoid irreparable damages on your device.

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