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How to recover lost data from your iPad?

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There is no need to worry because you can recover your lost or deleted files. Remember, the iPad runs the iOS operating system. It is a portable device to shoot videos, take phones, stream music, browse the web, play games and prepare presentations. Remember, data loss can’t be avoided. An iPad user can use different ways to retrieve data. Here are some quick and easy steps for data recovery.

EaseUS MobiSaver

EaseUS MobiSaver may help you to recover your lost files from iPad. You can get your videos, notes, contacts, messages, videos, pictures and songs from your tabletIt is possible to scan your device directly or get the backup of files from iTunes to recover lost data.

With this app, you can get a preview of your lost data before recovering it. Here are some steps to recover data from the Apple iPad.

Download EaseUS MobiSaver and install on your PC. Launch it. 

Connect your computer and iPad with a USB cable.

Select “Recover from iOS Device” and hit “Scan” to start scanning your iPad..

Select the data you are interested in recovering and hitting the recover button. Make sure to save your recovered filesBest tablets


It can restore your deleted files via dual recovery modes. Remember, this recovery software is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. With this application, it will be easy for you to restore lost data of iPad and iPhone without any iTunes backup. You will get a preview feature to check lost files before retrieving them. This method is effective and safe for the iPad. Feel free to choose iCloud backup or iTunes backup to recover your lost data.

Directly Recover Lost Files

In a recovery mode, restore SMS, contacts, notes, videos, photos, music and messages from iPad. See these steps.

Install this software on your tablet.

Connect your computer and iPad with a USB cable.

Choose the files that you want to recover and hit on “Start Scan”.

Check files on the left and hit recover to PC.

iTunes Backup to Recover Data

This recovery can be an easy option because you will use your iTunes backup. Feel free to use this method if you have a backup of files on iTunes. This method is convenient and fast to restore deleted or lost files.

Install ApowerRescue on your tablet. Run it and go to its “iTunes” mode. Choose a “backup file” for its analysis.

Check files before recovering them and hit recover to PC.

These methods work well to retrieve lost data from a tablet. Both modes are beneficial for iPhone and iPad. With this method, you can quickly complete your data recovery procedure. If you need a comprehensive tool to get your data back, feel free to choose ApowerRescue. Moreover, create a data backup on iCloud or iTunes to avoid possible troubles. These are easy sources to recover your lost or deleted files.

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