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Mark your Google search safe on PC and android

PC and android

You will need the internet to search for informationRemember, the internet allows you to explore different things. Almost every subject is available on the internet. There is a combination of good and bad elements; therefore, you have to protect yourself from illegal content. Undesirable content may appear accidentally; therefore, special arrangements are necessary. 

Search history of Google becomes an integral part of your profile. Sometimes, things become embarrassing because of your search history. You can avoid this situation by using the safe search feature of Google. See these simple steps to mark your Google search safe on PC and Android.

Filter Search Content on PC

With your Gmail account, you can use safe search content filter on your tabletGo to Gmail’s main page, click on profile photo in the top corner and choose the tab of Google account dyed in blue.

You will see a new page, hit on “Data & Personalization” option situated toward left. Wait for a few seconds because you are redirecting to a page that manages your activity and data preferences.

Move down until you get the general preferences for the web. Tap on the last option in this section “Search Settings”.

Now you will be on Gmail Profile to control the filtering for internet search. Tap on the box beside “Turn on SafeSearch” on the page.

Scroll downward to check the options at the bottom of the page and hit save in “blue box” at the base of this screen. A small window will confirm that your preferences are saved.

You can lock this SafeSearch feature on your tablet so that other people can’t undo it. For this purpose, tap on the word “Lock SafeSearch” and carefully follow available prompts to confirm your identity and turn ON this lock.PC and Android

Filter Search Content on Android

If you want to filter search content on Android, the procedure can be different. See these simple steps to make everything happen.

  • Use chrome to set the SafeSearch on your Android device. The procedure is similar to the PC, but the layout can be different.
  • Homepage of your Google Account allows you to access the Data & Personalization section.
  • Move down to “General Preferences” of the web to find the settings menu for search. 
  • After hitting on “Search Settings”, choose the “Filter explicit results” options on the screen. Save your new settings. 

To undo SafeSearch on PC or Android, you have to repeat this process. The final step requires you to deselect the “Explicit Results Filter” or options of “SafeSearch.” 

Why is safe search essential?

It is a Google-based program to filter out inappropriate and adult material for children. You can use this mode for the safety of your kids. With this method, you can filter adult content for children. This option works with different search engines. SafeSearch can turn on the highest level of filtering. Use an advanced method to search for video and images to avoid adult content.

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