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6 Tips for Preventing Laptop Data Theft

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Do you want to prevent laptop data theft? Numerous apps are available to prevent data theft. Experts suggest full-disk encryption, multi-factor authentication and secure password stop data theft. These thefts are damaging; therefore, you have to increase the security of your device. In numerous cases, criminals access and steal data from the corporate network of the company. Here are 6 tips for preventing laptop data theft.

1. Use a Strong Password

In the first step, you have to transfer data of your company to cloud application. Make sure to use a strong password to manage your cloudBy issuing a strong sign-on system and password, it will be easy for you to make life easy for rank-and-file users and IT staff. It is not easy to break a strong password. For this reason, get the advantage of multi-factor authentication.

2. Strong Authentication

With multi-factor authentication, you can increase the security of your data. Push notifications will help you to authenticate on the android phone. If a person steals the laptop of an employee, the authentication system can protect its data. It will help people to know about their lost cell phones.

tablet apps

3. Rotate Passwords

For the security of your data, you must teach people about the credential supply chain. If your credentials are stolen, they will be bundled with remaining stolen credentials. Use tablet apps to create strong passwords and change your password every 30 days. If your laptop is stolen, a strong password can protect its data.

4. Secure Sensitive Data

Sensitive data becomes a valuable commodity for criminals. They can use it for their profit. This data may include identifiable information for customers, patients and employees. Make sure to protect financial data, confidential information of the company and trade secrets. This information must not fall into the wrong hands. 

It can damage your reputation, customers and businesses. For maximum protection, you should limit access to online files for an employee. You can store removable storage and paper files containing sensitive information in a secured safe, cabinet, drawer and other containers. 

5. Protection Against Malware

Malware is malicious software, including spyware and viruses. Hackers can install malware on your computer to access sensitive information. Restrict the use of USB in your office because a malware-laden USB stick can install infected files on your computer. 

To avoid malware attacks, make sure to use anti-spyware and antivirus software on your devices. You must ask your employees to check for suspicious links. It is a crucial method to get protection against malware.

6. Encrypt Data

With encryption, you can encode information stored on a device or a cloud. The computer or person with a proper key may be able to decode it. Encryption is recommended for devices with sensitive information, such as USB drivers, backup drivers, email, mobile devices and laptops. You can create a strong password to encrypt data. These methods can be helpful to prevent data theft.

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