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These 4 Apps are way interesting to have in your iPhone

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone is a great smartphone with its stellar performance, iconic design and top hardwareThese devices become extremely interesting with special apps. Apple app store has numerous interesting applications to boost its performance. See these apps to make your iPhone enjoyable:

1. Drafts 5

Agile Tortoise allows you to take notes. This app will enable you to save new entries. It is useful to put notes as per your convenience. Feel free to use app integration to turn jotted-down notes into emails, messages, social media notes, tweets and documents. 

It helps you to tag inboxed notes for sorting, flagged, archived or importance. Remember, a text editor is customizable so that you can tweak everything from spacing to margins and line heights. Feel free to use premium subscriptions to edit and add notes quickly. Moreover, you can add icons and themes. Feel free to add icons and themes when introducing workspaces.

2. Hopper

A traveler needs this app for his/her iPhone. It will allow you to check hotel rates and airfares. The power of Hopper lies in predicting future discounts. You can get special offers from your travel destination. With Hopper, you will get a color-coded calendar. It will help you to find out the best time to go. Remember, it is a must-have app to manage your travel budget.

Apple iPhone

3. Notion

If you want to create your personal productivity hub, use this app to create a shared or private workspace. You can add versatile blocks, such as bookmarks, text snippets, toggle links, images, bookmarks, code snippets, discussion sections and files. 

With this app, you can easily customize a workspace. It is easy to drop and drag each block of content. There is no need to disrupt an entire document. You can crunch spreadsheets, take notes, or assemble a Kanban board. Powerful building blocks allow you to set up and snap thing. Make sure to check premium plans to get admin tools, remove content limits and check other features.

Apple iPhone

4. Unfold

To polish your creative skills, you will need an easy-to-use and clean app. It will help you to polish and slick Instagram stories for presentation. Download this app and get an arsenal of elegant and sleek templates. Feel free to apply them on your photos. 

It is a relaxed approach to make things stylish and simple. This app has over 25 free templates. You can use these templates for your video and photo presentations. Moreover, in-app purchases can increase the benefits of this app.

For your iPhone, you will need these apps. Remember, these can help you to manage different things in your life.

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