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A Short Review of Samsung’s One UI for Android

Samsung’s one UI

The leading brand of smartphone, Samsung, is improving its technology for providing you with a better experience. Recently, Samsung has introduced one of the most amazing software in the world of technology which is mesmerizing the folks to the optimum.

It is none other than Samsung One UI for Android. They found it to be excellent software in terms of usefulness and appearance, but there are shortcomings as well. Let us have a quick glance at the review of it. 

Visual Aspect:

Samsung One UI for Android is well known for its super, classy visual improvements. Visual improvements to this software have made life so exciting and amazing. It is worthy of mentioning that the lock screen has not improved yet, but it is still the same as that of previous versions. The display and lock screen seems the same as you have been using for years.

However, the icon style is quite fascinating and mesmerizing. It also contains a trendy rounded square designed icon. 

Samsung’s one UI

Dark Theme:

Samsung has brought the amazingly impressive themes to its OS, which is the wonderful system-wide dark theme. It offers protection safety to your eyes by providing the features of dubbed ‘Night mode’. Such changes are applied to applications such as My Files, Phone, Messages, Calculator and other elements of UI. The user also gets personal preferences as well as a welcome addition. 

Minor Changes:

Samsung has brought minor changes in its OS, which include quick settings. You can enjoy making settings quite rapidly from the right corner. Just like iPhone splendid feature, it has also introduced the face unlock feature which helps you much when it detects the picking up of the phone. Back contains a fingerprint sensor for the purpose of security.

Samsung’s one UI

Exciting Features:

Samsung One UI for Android is significantly worthy of its super amazing features. These include a lift to wake functionality, secure folder, game launcher, game tools, and gesture navigation. It is not confined only to these features but also offers enormous, impressive ones as well which include edge screen, one-handed use, brilliant focus, declutter screen, and dual messenger.

The game launching feature of Samsung One UI for Android is quite pleasing and charming to the game lovers. Get the game tools at the bottom of Game Launcher. You can choose to get high performance and power saving as well by maintaining the balance in them. Users experience a huge amount of craft which has made settings quite complicated. It exists throughout the system. Some of the features are unchanged in it as well.

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