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How to Rearrange the iOS Applications on Refurbished iPads

Refurbished IPads

Rearrange The iOS Applications

When on jiggle mode, you can see the number of pages on iPad by looking at the screen dots on formation on iOS dock. The white dot denotes the page you are in and gray dots denote the other pages, either previous or subsequent page, based on selected page.

Once you tap and grab a hold of the widget, the iOS apps will jiggle and then you can rearrange the apps by dragging and dropping them in between pages on your iPad screen. However, do not let go of the hold until you reach the page you want to arrange them in.

iOS has up to 11 pages available, and the easiest way to rearrange the iOS apps is to drag and drop, and press the home button to save the formation. If you use an app frequently on iPad tablets, tap its widget and place it where you want. However, you may also need to know how to arrange the iOS apps on refurbished iPads via iTunes installed in Mac PC.

For that, connect the device with Apple lightning cable and then launch the iTunes app installed in Mac. Now choose your iPad model from the Devices section and then tap on Apps next to Info at the top.

To the right side of iTunes, you could see the iPad model you chose, and to the left, you could see the option to Sync Apps into iPad. You could also see the iPad’s pages on formation to the right side of iTunes and the apps on formation to the left side.

Choose Sync Apps to arrange iOS apps all at once on refurbished iPads or select individual apps to drag and drop in between pages of your device. With Mac PC, you could rearrange iOS apps more easily than thumb scrolling the screen of iPad.

To create folders on the device, tap and hold one app over another and do not let go of the hold until you reach the folder you want to place the app. Note that iOS will let you arrange 20 app widgets into one folder. If you want, navigate to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout to arrange your apps on alphabetical order on refurbished iPads.

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