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How to Use AssistiveTouch on your Refurbished iPads

Refurbished IPads

AssistiveTouch In Refurbished IPads

Navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch and then turn on the toggle switch to enable AssistiveTouch on iOS. When you turn on AssistiveTouch for the first time, you can see the AssistiveTouch menu in the middle of the screen. Worry not, you can tap on AssistiveTouch menu and then drag it to the edge of refurbished iPads, if you are planning to multitask.

Alternatively, you can navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut to turn on AssistiveTouch feature. If you turn on Accessibility Shortcut, you can turn on or turn off AssistiveTouch by tapping on the home button thrice. Navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility > Home-Click Speed to access AssistiveTouch even faster by tapping on the home button thrice.

In the AssistiveTouch menu, you can tweak certain iOS features such as volume, rotate screen, lock screen, and more. Open the AssistiveTouch menu and then tap and hold the lock screen until you see the Slide To Power Off pop up on your refurbished iPads. You can also use the AssistiveTouch to access the home screen of your device – for that tap on Home setting on the AssistiveTouch menu.

You can also open Apple Siri through AssistiveTouch menu or command Apple Siri to Turn On AssistiveTouch through microphone. If your refurbished iPads feature iOS 5 or later, you could access Apple Siri as well through AssistiveTouch menu in the device. For accessing the iOS notifications, tap on the notification center on the AssistiveTouch menu.

To take photographs on refurbished iPads with gestures, open the AssistiveTouch Menu and then tap on Control Center. Moreover, you can also turn on and turn off Bluetooth from the Control Center and use iOS features such as AirPlay and AirDrop.

With AssistiveTouch feature, you can pinch on iOS as well which works in a similar way to the pinch-to-zoom feature on Android. AssistiveTouch will also let you perform similar gestures or do multitasking. Open the AssistiveTouch menu and go to Device > More > Gestures, then select the number of fingers you want to make the gesture and when the circles appear on your iOS device. Once you are done with all the settings, tap on the AssistiveTouch menu once to close it.

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