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How to Configure Refurbished iPad for Kiosks

Refurbished IPad

Configure Refurbished IPad

The refurbished iPad tablet can be used in kiosks provided that you configure the device for the purpose. You can use the Guided Access mode on iOS to modify the iPad tablet for the kiosk. The feature will allow you to lock the device temporary with a single app.

To configure the iPad for kiosk, open the Settings app in iOS and then navigate to General > Accessibility > Guided Access and enable the slider for Guided Access. Then, tap on Passcode Settings to set a PIN for the feature. In case your iPad has a touch ID sensor, choose the option to access and exit the Guided Access with a Touch ID.

Launch the iOS app you want to use on the iPad and press on the Home button thrice to enter the Guided Access mode on the device. In the Guided Access mode, you can see the Options underneath to configure the iPad. The iOS enables the touch screen by default and disables the Sleep/Wake button to lock and unlock the screen. However, you can use Sleep/Wake button instead so that public can use the app with ease by pressing Start in the top right corner of the Guided Access mode.

For an advanced kiosk configuration, you can download and install the Apple Configurator from iTunes on a Mac PC and put the iPad to Supervised Mode. Once you download and install the Apple Configurator, launch it and then connect the refurbished iPad to the Mac PC. Tap on Trust once iMac prompts you to connect the device.

In a moment, you could see the home screen of your iOS on Apple Configurator window. Double-tap on the home screen, and then on the toolbar of Apple Configurator, tap on Prepare to set up the device for kiosk. Choose Manual followed by Next – you will see more options to configure the iPad for kiosk in subsequent screens of the Apple Configurator. Once Supervisory Devices is enabled, choose advanced options and disconnect the device.

Reconnect the refurbished iPad on Supervisory Mode to Mac PC, run the Apple Configurator, and tap on Trust again. Then, from the toolbar of Apple Configurator, choose Actions > Advanced > Single App Mode and then you can see the list of iOS apps installed in the refurbished iPad. Select one iOS app to configure it for kiosk.

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