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How Much RAM Does My PC Or Laptop Need?

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RAM (Random Access Memory) is a critical element to determine the speed of your device Fortunately, you can upgrade the RAM of your laptop or computer. Before choosing a RAM, it is vital to check the need of your PC and buy a compatible RAM.

New laptops or computers may offer 4GB to 16GB RAM. Amount of memory for your laptop or computer may vary based on two factors:

  • Nature of your online and offline work
  • Time to spend on a computer or laptop

Memory is an essential consideration to buy smartphones and tablets. For this reason, you have to determine your actual needs before purchasing a deviceHere are some guidelines to find out exact memory needs of your computer.

  • Budgeted tablets and computers may come with a 2GB RAM.
  • Numerous budgeted notebooks with Chrome or Windows OS may come with a 4GB RAM.
  • Entry-level gaming computers with macOS and Windows OS need an 8GB RAM.
  • Remember, 16GB is great for demanding games and professional work. The RAM prices may vary, but desktop users can buy them at an affordable price.
  • Purpose-built computers and enthusiasts workstations may come with a 32GB or more RAM.

Buying extra RAM may help you to reap performance benefits. Before wasting your money, you have to check if your current RAM is serving its purpose. Sometimes, your computer needs an extra graphics card or some new components in a CPU instead of a RAM. Make sure to evaluate your needs before investing money.

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Understand the Importance of RAM

People often confuse memory capacity with long-term storage from a mechanical hard drive or solid-state drive. 

Remember, memory is associated with RAM. If you have sufficient or more RAM in your system, it can handle numerous tasks simultaneously. Along with RAM, you must have a bigger hard drive to improve the performance of your computer. RAM and hard disk can improve the efficiency and performance of your machine.

You must not mix a standard RAM with graphics memory. For your high-end games, you will need VRAM (video RAM). It can be confusing to identify the right VRAM. You can consult a tech-savvy friend for the selection of the correct RAM.  

RAM-heavy Applications

Remember, RAM-hogs on your computer are web browsers and operating system. Some games and applications may use more RAM than others. For this reason, you have to identify RAM-heavy applications on your computer. Programs that need more RAM can increase complications. If you want to play games, you must install a big RAM on your computer. 

If you want to play games on your tablet, you may find 2GB, 4GB and 8GB RAMs. Some tablets are particularly designed to handle demanding games.

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