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How to Connect a Computer to a Hotspot?

computer and laptop

Are you interested in learning how to connect your device to a hotspot? 

Use Computer as a Hotspot

Turn a Windows 10 computer into a hotspot (mobile) by sharing an internet connection with numerous other devices through Wi-Fi. Feel free to share a cellular data connection, Ethernet or Wi-Fi. If a computer has a secure cellular data connection, it will be easy for you to share it. You have to use your data plan for this purpose.

  • Choose the “Start” button and pick “Settings – Network and Internet – Mobile Hotspot”.
  • To share internet connection, select an internet connection that you are interested in sharing.
  • Choose “Edit” and enter a name and password for the network and save.
  • Activate “Share my network with other phones and devices”.
  • If you want to connect on the other device, check Wi-Fi settings on a device, find the name of a network and choose it, write a password and finally connect.

computer and laptop

Connect PC with a Mobile Hotspot

To share hotspot of a mobile, turn on its hotspot for your PC and turn this connection on.

Tap on the icon of wireless connection. You will find it near the clock in the taskbar (at the base of the screen). It opens available wireless connections. If your computer is not connected to a network, you can notice an asterisk (*) at the top of this icon. 

Tap the name of a hotspot (from the list of options).

Tap “Connect” and enter security keys for the network (once prompted).

If you have to keep your PC to connect to the hotspot automatically when it is in your range, you have to check “Connect automatically”.

Sometimes, you are not prompted for one password because the network is not available for the public. Some hotspots on public (cafes or airports) require you to perform some extra steps. These steps will be prompted automatically.

Enter a security key and tap “Next”. After entering the correct password, you must be able to join to a network through an available hotspot.

Personal Hotspot with a Mac

Feel free to join your Mac with your mobile hotspot. If you have an iPhone or android as a source of a network for your PC, turn this network on immediately.

Tap on the network button and see the menu bar. A list will appear to display available networks. You have to click a hotspot that you want to join. A window will appear to type a passcode. Enter the correct passcode and connect to the internet via this hotspot. 

Remember, this connection will work similarly to a wireless network. You will be able to browse your favorite programs and apps.

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