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Asus ROG Mothership Review – An Overpowered Device for Gamers

best gaming laptops

If you are a diehard fan of gaming, then you have landed in the right place, and now it is time that you get to know about the most acclaimed laptops for gaming. As a child or even as an early teenager game are simple and just fun to kill your time but as you grow up to your early twenties and so you realize that gaming is much more than playing bubble trouble on your mini clip account or playing solitaire or chess on your Microsoft windows. You get to know that gaming is more intense and more meaningful with the passage of time. Today you must not look for the cheapest tablet; rather, you should look for the best gaming computer.

Gaming concepts as you grow up!

You don’t need a cheap tablet, you need cheap gaming laptops. If you are a player of GTA, Need for Speed, Call of duty, and games like these then you must know that what are the system requirements to run these games on your computer or laptop. Gone are the days when you bought a compact drive and installed GTA vice city on your computer and started playing. Today games are so heavy and complex that they need heavy systems and high RAMS and processors to run. Without the proper requirements and graphic cards, you cannot play these excellent games.

best gaming laptops

ASUS- The powerful one!

The most accepted and the most reliable gaming pc and one of the most expensive ones on the market is the ASUS ROG. This laptop is worth more than 6500 US dollars and has won the hearts and trust of many gamers. The ROG is said to be greatly overpowered and you cannot find any lags or any complications while playing any game. Along with being powerful in its being and having a master perfect motherboard, it also has a very successful battery timing.

The ROG has a very sleek design and aluminum body. It is said to be the hybrid cars of the laptop fraternity. It is light weighted. Its keyboard has a new design and is foldable within its lower body. The screen supports 1920 pixels of graphic support plus it has 17.3 inches of screen. It has a 4-watt speaker built-in that gives a very lively feel during gaming. You can now enjoy 3d gaming with the help of these laptops. You must look for a cheap gaming laptop if you are short of 6500 US dollars. PS. The basic model comes with a lower price of around 5000 dollars, but it doesn’t support 4K graphics.

If you are looking for good deals on laptops and cheap tablets for sale, then you can always look online for help and for better guidance.

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