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How to Use the Mail App on iOS to Save, Print, or Share Attachment PDFs

Open the Mail app on your iPad tablet, and go to the mail containing the attachment you want to save, print, or share. Now tap to open the particular email attachment that you need and tap on the Action button denoted by the reply arrow; the button can also be used to reply to an email or forward an email to someone else via the Mail app. Then, tap on Print to explore the Printer Options and open the thumbnail of the Preview page of the email you opened on the iPad tablet. In case the email has more than one page, you need to open the page you want to save as PDF by pinching on the device’s touch screen.

The PDF version of the email pops up replacing the Printer Options once you pinch. Subsequently, tap on Share button residing in the top-right corner of the screen and choose the app you need to Share or Save the attachment to. All thanks to the in-app sharing option in the Mail app on iOS, you can also share the email PDF to a friend over Dropbox, save the file to the Notes app, or copy the same to iBooks. In fact, some third-party applications also support the sharing and storing of the email PDFs on Mail app, including Messenger and Slack.

To use iBooks to view the PDF attached email, open the same from the Mail app, tap on the Share icon, and then tap on Copy to iBooks. To forward the attachment PDF that you stored in iBooks to someone else later, open iBooks, tap on the menu on the top-right corner of the app screen, select PDFs from the pop-up and choose the file that you want to print or email from iBooks.

Tap on the Share icon once in the top-right corner and a menu would pop up on the iPad with options to Print or Email. If you want to print the PDF, tap Print and choose the AirPrint compatible printer, select the page range and the number of copies you need, and tap on Print again for confirmation. To Email the same file, enter the recipient mail ID, add a text to the body, and tap on Send. If you are using an iPad tablet featuring iOS 9.3, you may see a prompt to use iCloud also when you synchronize and save the email PDFs.

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