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How to Enable, Configure, and Use Apple Siri in iPad Tablets

IPad Tablets

Apple Siri In Ipad Tablets

Apple Siri can be configured with a voice command or a Passcode lock. Configuring Apple Siri instantly would be easy for advanced iPad users. However, if you were new to the Apple’s iOS culture, below is how to enable, configure, and start using Siri in iPad tablets.

Enabling Apple Siri via iOS Settings

When you set up your iPad for the first time, iOS will prompt you whether you want to enable Apple Siri right out of the box. However, a good thing with iOS is that it allows you to enable or disable Apple Siri whenever you want via the Settings menu.

  • Go to the Settings app installed in your iPad tablets by default and then scroll down to Apple Siri
  • Turn the Apple Siri switch to green to enable the virtual assistant of Apple, and do the opposite to disable it.

Configuring Apple Siri with Voice Command

You can configure Apple Siri in your preferred languages, with or without voice feedback. Voice command will activate Apple Siri when you say, “Hey Siri”.

  • Go to Settings app installed and open Apple Siri
  • Then, switch on Access On Lock Screen and Allow “Hey Siri” as well to activate voice command and access Apple Siri without having to unlock the device screen.
  • Then, tap on Language to change the language as well as dialects that you may prefer as Apple Siri’s voice feedback.
  • Now tap on Voice Feedback to configure Apple Siri. Once you do that, you will see three options: Always On, Control with Ring Switch, Hands-Free Only.

Configuring Apple Siri with a Passcode

You can open Apple Siri by holding down the Home button of an iPad refurbished tablet, but doing that may pose a threat to your device data. However, ensure Apple Siri is not allowed to bypass the lock through below settings and safeguard data.

  • Go to Settings app and open Apple Siri
  • Tap on Touch ID & Passcode option and enter your password.
  • Then, choose Allow Access When Locked option and toggle the Apple Siri switch to turn off the feature when your iPad stays locked.

The above-mentioned steps are quite simple and can be followed by anyone easily. Still, you can get in touch with a technician for help, if you face any difficulties when configuring Apple Siri on iPad tablets on your own.

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