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Steps to Attach a WiFi Printer with Desktop?

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Wireless printers are very popular these days, especially for home users where you can’t always afford to spread wire all around to connect various systems. And now most of the offices also prefer wireless printers because don’t need to spare a system to attach printer to that to get printouts. So if you are setting up your office, you don’t need to buy expensive systems rather, you can buy refurbished desktop pc deals where you can get WiFi printer complimentary.

Well, here we will guide you easy steps on how to attach a WiFi Printer with your desktop PC or Laptop.

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  1. First of all, you need a few devices like your internet connection or modem, a wireless router and the printer with WiFi connectivity option. And yes, how can you forget the laptop or PC that you bought from refurbished desktop pc deals. Once you have all the required hardware, you are ready to set up your wireless network. Though it’s an optional step, it’s better to have a wireless network for easy and smooth sharing and wireless printing.
  2. Connect the router with your internet connection wire or the modem as per instructions are given in the user manual that came with the wireless router.
  3. Power On your laptop or PC that you just bought from refurbished desktop pc deals and let the desktop appear. Once Windows is fully loaded, and you can have logged in properly, install the network adapter that would be in the CD that came with the laptop packing.
  4. After installing the network adapter, press the “Start” button and type “Control Panel” to open the control panel. Go to “Network and Internet” option and then select “Network and Sharing Centre.”
  5. Now here comes a little tricky and technical step that you need to perform carefully. Select the option from the side menu that says, “Set Up a Connection or Network” and then select “Set Up WiFi Router” option from the given list. It will let you choose the access point and then follow the steps in the wizard, and you will end up creating a Wireless Network at your home with your newly bought PC or Laptop you bought from refurbished desktop pc deals.
  6. And now, as you have created a Wireless Network, you are ready to attach your wireless printer to this Wireless Network.
  7. To connect your printer to the network, you need to go again in the Control Panel, and from there, select “Hardware and Sound” options from the given list of options.
  8. As the next window appears, select “Printers” from the next screen and then select the “Add Printer” option from the given options.
  9. Now again, a wizard will appear that will help you in connecting your newly bought PC that you got from refurbished desktop pc deals to the Wireless Printer.
  10. Select “Add a Network, Wireless or Bluetooth Printer,” and you have to select the printer from the given list. Once you have selected the printer, you will be asked to install the printer. To install printer, you need to install the printer application that came with the printer in the packing. Once the printer application is installed, it will automatically connect your printer to WiFi network you created, and then you can use it.

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