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Hidden Features of iOS You Really Want to Try

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Apple recently releases it’s 13.2 Version of iOS, and you may not have discovered yet, but here we are going to tell you about 12 hidden features of iOS that you never observed or discovered before. These 12 hidden features of iOS 13.2 will make you crazy. 

Do Not Disturb at Current Location

You might have a good idea of Do Not Disturb Mode. Recently you could schedule Do Not Disturb Mode according to your routine. For example, you could schedule to automatically activate Do Not Disturb Mode at 11PM every night, i.e. at your sleeping time. 

Now you can set it to get activated automatically when you are at a certain location. Long press Do Not Disturb option, and you will see extra menu, and from there you can activate “Until I leave this location”. As you will leave that location, it will come back to normal android tablets

More Than One Face ID

Face ID authentication is quite popular among Smartphone users. But what if you want you and your partner to open your mobile phone with Face ID authentication? It wasn’t possible before, but now you can set multiple Face ID for authentication. If you’re not around, your partner can also unlock your phone using Face ID if you have allowed that. Multiple Face ID feature is not available in latest android.

Silent FaceTime Notifications

Group Calls and Chats are always exciting, but their notification can sometimes be teasing, especially when you are not in a good mood or busy somewhere else. In that case, you have a good option to mute notification for certain group in WhatsApp, and now this feature is also available in iOS FaceTime. You can mute the group notifications.

iPhone X Menu in iPad

If you have an iPad and want to see iPhone X styled menu, iOS 13.2 lets you enjoy the same menu style in your iPad as well.

Custom Skip During Podcasts

Normally when you tap on skip button, it skips 15 seconds of a podcast. But you might be amazed to know that you can change this standard 15 seconds skip.

Move Cursor Anywhere

This feature was recently discovered by a user, and it has gone viral. If you long-press the spacebar on your onscreen keyboard, you can move the cursor anywhere you want by dragging.

QR Scanner

You might be amazed to know that iOS has built-in QR and Barcode Scanner. You don’t need a separate app for that. Simply open your camera and place it before the QR code. Yellow marks will appear, and it will automatically show at the top of screen the relevant information about QR code. For the latest android, an additional app is required.

Control App Usage with Screen Time

If you want to allow your kids to play the game for a certain time but not more than that then Screen Time feature has a solution for you. You can set time limit for any app, and after that time limit, you will not be able to launch that app until you change the settings manually.

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