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4 Ways to Get the Most from Wi-Fi-Only Tablet

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Wi-Fi only tablet is less costly (not only the Wi-Fi-only Apple iPad, but also tablet pcs that don’t have a data option, like the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7). Individuals are finding that they just do not require a further data plan. If you don’t believe, take a look at these strategies for getting the most from the Wi-Fi-only tablet for cheap.


  • Tether


If you currently have a smartphone with a data plan, you don’t have to throw away cash on an extra plan for your tablet pc. As a substitute, make use of your mobile phone’s plan to have a connection to the internet for both devices.

There are a couple of approaches to tether or turn mobile phone into an Internet hot spot, making use of today’s tablet for cheap.

The only issue with tethering is always that service providers do their maximum to dissuade it. If you are using the mobile phone’s default tethering capability, you will need to pay the service provider a fee of about $20 for the opportunity. That is $20 on top of the already high-priced data plan–and you do not get any further data.

And when you utilize a third-party tethering application, the service provider may charge you in case it finds out (except in cases where you are actually on Verizon wireless). And just jailbroken apple iPhone can easily operate third-party tethering applications.tablet for cheap


  • Get yourself a Mobile Hotspot


Rather than tethering the tablet for cheap to your mobile phone’s data plan, you might want to take into account obtaining a mobile hotspot from the local wireless provider.

An avid cell hotspot can easily yield better outcomes as compared to tethering the phone’s data connection. First of all, it is frequently quicker and more trustworthy than a connected mobile phone’s connection. And while tethering can easily deplete a mobile phone’s battery rapidly, mobile hot spots generally deliver endless hours of battery life.


  • Preload Books and magazines


Tablet for cheap tend to be the best travel device–they’re light in weight, they have big displays, and you don’t have to remove them of the bag throughout a TSA search. 

Therefore, the next time you go out of town (or even visit the fitness center or hop on the bus for the morning travel), try preloading books and magazines on the Wi-Fi-only tablet for cheap so that you can read at the leisure–without a web connection.


  • Make use of Offline Mapping Applications


Mapping apps on tablets and smartphones have made losing your way virtually outdated (pretty much…); however, such applications only connect with devices that have continuous data connections, right? Wrong! Thanks to traditional mapping applications, it is possible to keep on track wherever you might be, data network or not.

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