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3 Simple Tips for Stabilizing Smartphone Videography

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Nowadays, videography is becoming easy with a tablets and a smartphones. You will need practical editing and cinematography tips to create beautiful, stable and smooth videos. Smartphones are becoming more powerful to shoot videos, documentaries and short films. Stabilization is an essential factor for smartphone videography. Here are some tips for your convenience:

DIY Stabilization

The latest generation of smartphones allows you to get advantage of stabilization and in-camera digital effects. In iPhone XS or 8, you can find some impressive automated function. These will help you to make adjustments for different light settings, stabilization and color temperature.

Before you start video tapingyou have to understand its capabilities. Record some sample videos with your tablet or smartphone. With these rules, you can adjust your device for handheld movements.

  • Slowly move your camera
  • Let your device adjust to new lighting
  • Hold your device with two hands all the time

You must not confuse 4K smartphone with a similar quality from cinema, mirrorless or DSLR camera. They have huge differences; therefore, you must not compare them. Remember, your smartphone can work with shaky mount and handheld settings. It will be a better option over other cameras available in the market.

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Stabilizer Rigs for Smartphone

You can buy smartphone rig and mount options. It will help you to get better stability for videography. Numerous options are available in the market. You can buy a suitable device as per your budget. Feel free to start your work with a selfie stick or holder of a smartphone. It will help you to create more stability. Feel free to try different things before investing your money.

Premiere Pro for Stability

If you are editing in your smartphone, feel free to use apps, such as iMovie or Premiere Rush from Adobe. These will help you to get the best results with the footage of a smartphone. Make sure to treat it similar to other shoots. Feel free to choose a suitable video editing platform on a discount tablet pc cheap.

It can be tricky to fix shaky footage of a smartphone; therefore, you will need a special stabilizer. For instance, Warp Stabilizer can be an excellent choice to work with high-quality footage. Its final results can surprise you. After recording a video, its final stage is editing. You can create awesome videos with your smartphone after editing it. Feel free to add different effects in your video.

To avoid shaky footage, you have to pay special attention to the placement of your smartphone. Remember, an unstable smartphone can increase the chances of shaky footage. Hold your device at the length of your arm while tucking elbows into the chest. It will help you to stabilize your camera. 

Fortunately, new phones and tablets have OIS (optical image stabilization) or EIS (electronic image stabilization). These features can decrease the shakiness of smartphone videos. Before recording your final video, you should do some practice with your phone or tablet to stabilize your hands. 

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