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5 Important Settings to Change in the Developer Options of your Tablet

After enabling the Developer Options, you might have kept away from meddling with it fearing that it will cause issues with your device. This is somewhat true, as the Developer Options are specifically meant for advanced users and changing the settings wrongly can affect the functioning of your tablet. However, there are many simple settings in the Developer Options, which you can change to influence the performance and other functions of your tablet. Below are five important settings to change in the Developer Options of your tablet.

Limit Background Applications

Using this setting, you can determine the number of applications that stay running in the background. You can use this setting if your tablet is experiencing and speed or performance issues caused due to too much background apps. By using this feature, you can increase the performance of your tablet and thereby prevent unnecessary apps from running in the background after they are closed. To set the background applications, tap on Background Process Limit and then select any option from four processes to no background processes.

Stay Awake While Charging

This setting available in Developer Options will keep the display of your tablet active when it is plugged in for charging. It does not cause any interference with the battery and is helpful if you wish to constantly use the tablet while charging. You need to use the power button for locking the device. You can enable this option by simply toggling on the Stay Awake switch.

Force 4x MSAA

If your tablet is experiencing any performance lags while playing games, then enabling the 4x MSAA setting in the Developer Options will certainly boost the speeds. It can also enhance the graphics quality and rendering of games as well as OpenGL ES 2.0 applications. For enabling this, scroll down the options and under Hardware Accelerated Rendering, and tick the box near Force 4x MSAA. However, this feature demands more processing power and would quickly drain the battery of your tablet.

Animation Speeds

Another setting that has to do with influencing your user experience is the animation scales. With this setting, you can easily adjust the animation and transition effects on your tablet quickly. You can also disable any of the device animations through the Developer Options, which will surely improve the speed and efficiency by which you can use your device.

Show CPU Usage

Enabling this setting in the Developer Options will display the usage date of the CPU. You can enable this by tapping on the box near to the Show CPU Usage option. This will then list out all the processes that the CPU currently uses, which you can view for detecting any rogue apps or other advanced uses.

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