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Top Three Messaging Applications Available in Google Play Store

Android Tablets

Top Three Messaging Apps

Most of the popular messenger apps will work with Android tablets, smartphones, and other devices, and can be downloaded from Google Play Store. The benefit for an Android user is you can use the tablet to send a message to your friends and family, who are in the contact list or outside, using the browser. However, note that sending or receiving group messages over the web can incur charges for cellular data or Wi-Fi.

The Pulse SMS App

The SMS and MMS messenger will work on just about any device from Android tablets, smartphones, laptops, watches, TVs, etc., over the web and on the web browser. You will still need to create a Pulse account on the compatible device and log into the account via the Pulse app or the web client based on the device you use to send or receive messages. The app has all basic features one may need to message alongside advanced customization options like cross-device sync and so on.

The mysms App

This SMS and MMS messenger will let you send texts and multi-media files from your smartphone or tablet running Android, your computer, or even an iPad tablet featuring iOS. You will need to register an account on the app for texting. In fact, you can synchronize your messages and contacts from your phone to the mysms cloud to text from a compatible device. That will let you receive incoming calls and messages on the phone on the synchronized tablet or the PC.

Text free – Free Text + Call

The app will allow you to send messages from Android tablets, smartphones, or even a desktop. A sender can use this particular app to make free domestic calls or send texts in the US, even if the receiving person doesn’t have the app installed on their device. In addition, making international texts and calls and using voicemail is also available for free with this app. However, to make free calls, the receiver should have the app installed on their device.

Pick any one of the messenger apps from Google Play Store if you need an alternative app to send standard SMS/MMS as per your convenience. Play Store has many such apps available and these are just three of the most popular messaging apps.

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