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Why IT professionals prefer Android Tablets over iPads

android tablets

Cheap tablets with Wi-Fi and camera fulfill all needs of the users. Android tablets are available with a lot of configuration options and useful tools. That is why IT professionals, as well as those who are familiar with Android Tablets, love its usage. IPads are another option, but people do not feel comfortable with their features.

Appealing Features of Android Tablets  

  •    A graphics processor
  •    Memory chips
  •    GPS receiver
  •    At least one camera
  •    Bluetooth chip and FM tuner

Less Expensive and Comparable Storage  

Cheap android tablet with wifiPrice points and device configurations attract users. Android tablets are less expensive, but they do not lack any feature. Android tablets offer fantastic display quality – Retina displays make the device the only one of its kind. The higher resolution increases the worth of the gadgets.

Traditional Computing Environment

Cheap tablets with Wi-Fi and camera reflect traditional computing system. A computer-literate person efficiently uses tablets. Easy usage of the tablets is a distinctive feature, which attracts customers.

Storage Expansion with SD Card Readers

Android tablets facilitate users to increase the memory of their device with SD card readers. It is a cheap way to expand its memory. You love exploring nature and capturing pictures of breathtaking sights? Use cheap tablets with Wi-Fi and a camera to capture and store unlimited sights.

Synchronize Android Tablet for Work

Do you want to use an Android tablet for work? Yes! Congratulations! You can easily synchronize your calendar and email address. The users do not have to process the information repetitively. IT professionals manually load work documents over a USB connection. Dropbox, SugarSync, and Cloud storage service are useful options for keeping the files safe.

Portability and Battery Life

Cheap tablets with Wi-Fi and camera are portable devices. The user feels comfortable to take it from one place to another. Also, the long battery life of the tablet is a fantastic characteristic. It is an annoying experience to have to plug into a charger frequently. IT professionals have trusted in tablets, so they keep them on a long journey and do work comfortably.

Leave the Office Behind with Android Tablets

cheap tablets with wifi and cameraAndroid tablets are useful and versatile. IT professionals know that the advantages of the tablet do not end when they leave the desktop. Built-in capacitance, sheer portability, and touch display make it eminent over traditional laptops. You are riding the subway and want to sign digital documents, use apps such as DocuSign or SignEasy installed in Android tablets.  

GPS Navigation on the Road

Android tablets are equipped with the latest features and blessings of technology. Tap on the screen and use the GPS navigation device on the road. Offline GPS navigation is a fantastic addition. It could prove useful when you are traveling in hilly or deserted areas. Most people know only about Google maps, but it requires an internet connection to display the locations.

Built-in Cameras for Snapshots of Important Documents

Onboard cameras are helpful to take the snapshots of essential documents. IT professionals require pictures for immediate filing. Use the CamCard for automatic data entry and store information on business cards.

Cheap tablets with Wi-Fi and camera allows IT professionals and other staff to work anywhere. They can use it in meetings, play games to wind down the pressure of work, listen to music, and use it as a mobile phone. IT professionals can create their apps as the applications of android tablets are written in Java. All these features make the Android tablet a perfect choice for IT professionals and frequent users.

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