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How to Connect and Disconnect Apps to Google Drive

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Google Drive is much favored among the many cloud-based storage options for an Android tablet and other Android devices. While you can store many of the photos, videos, music, and other personal files to Google Drive, you can also integrate hundreds of apps in the cloud service to make the most of it. Below are the steps to help you integrate the apps to the cloud storage of Google.

For that, launch the Google Drive app on your PC and then sign in to the Google Account. Then, tap on the gear icon to the top-right corner of the app. In the subsequent drop-down window, go to Settings, then tap on Manage Apps, and tap on Connect More Apps option. It would show all the available applications which you can integrate to the Google Drive.

Once the list of apps opens in the device, scroll through the thumbnail of the app for viewing the details pertinent to the app. In fact, you can use the drop-down menu to sort the apps as per any of your preferred categories such as By Google, Education, Entertainment, Games, etc. Once the list becomes more organized to view, tap on Connect to add the application to Google Drive. In doing this, you can also configure the application as default for the files it is meant to support by checking the respective checkbox in the next prompt stating the integration. Else, you can configure app as default for the files it can open by navigating to Settings > Manage Apps.

Moreover, you may also want to know how to remove the apps you integrate to Google Drive even afterward. For that, open Google Drive, tap on Settings denoted by the turning gears icon, and navigate to Manage Apps. As you can see, the menu displays the list of the apps integrated to Google Drive. For removing one app from the cloud storage, tap on the app, and tap on Options that appears in the next drop-down menu. Then, tap on Disconnect from Drive and tap on Disconnect to confirm the same upon prompt.

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