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How to Alternatively Unlock Applications with Fingerprint

Android Tablet

Fingerprint Unlock Applications

There are options to unlock apps in an Android tablet with a pattern or PIN, but using a fingerprint ID may be even more secure than both are. However, not all Android devices have a dedicated fingerprint scanner, although some allow the feature as an add-on.

Configuring an app in the Fingerprint AppLock, for instance, will provide more security to your apps installed on Android tablet. The application is free to download from Google Play Store and can be installed to unlock apps alternatively. Install it on your Android device and then you can unlock each app with biometrics and by scanning the finger over the rear camera.

Registering the Fingerprint in an App

As always, the process of configuring the fingerprint needs to be done first. Launch Fingerprint AppLock and choose Finger Enroll option from the app’s menu to scan the fingerprint. Choose the right finger to scan the finger over the rear cam and then scroll the finger several times until your camera detects the fingerprint and the app registers the same.

If your device has a rear camera with autofocus, the scanning process will work smoothly. However, it shall be noted the app is compatible with most Android tablet having standard rear camera minus autofocus or with autofocus.

How to Lock Apps with Optional Fingerprint

Open the Fingerprint AppLock app, navigate to the main menu, and choose Lock Apps. The Fingerprint AppLock will let you choose a pattern, PIN, or fingerprint to unlock the apps. While you select the app you want to lock, the app will prompt you to enable the Accessibility Service – the fingerprint in this case. Restart the Android tablet and then you can choose the application you want to unlock with biometrics, either one or multiple apps, and then you are done.

Using the rear camera as a fingerprint scanner to unlock the app is possible no matter which model of the Android device you have. However, note that the free version of Fingerprint AppLock may contain advertisements, whereas the full version of the app has no pop-up ads. If, in any case, the fingerprint malfunctions, then you can use the pattern or PIN to access the configured app via Fingerprint AppLock or Android settings.

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