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5 famous android apps come with light version if you have low phone storage

7 inch tablet android 6

Do you want to increase storage of your 7 inch tablet android 6You can do this by using a light version of apps. These apps are available for people with limited memory and storage on smartphones and tablets. A phone with 16GB of storage and 2GB of RAM may quickly run out of storage for new music or photo apps. Here are five famous android apps available with a light version for your smartphone.

1. Facebook Lite

Facebook is a popular and largest social media network. Everyone loves to use it for its advertising capabilities and exceptional features. If you have limited storage on 7 inch tablet android 6you can download this app. The normal version of this app needs lots of space and data permission. With the help of the lite version, you can enjoy a smooth experience with Facebook and avoid these permissions. For your android tablet, you must download a lite version of the messenger app.   

7 inch tablet android 6

2. Google Maps Go

A lite version of Google Maps Go allows you to save space on your device. It can be the best choice to satisfy your traveling needs. The regular version can drain your battery and consume maximum data. For this reason, you can avoid all your concerns after downloading a lite version on your device. It is quick and enables you to save your battery. This lite version needs less data to increase your comfort and decrease data bills. Feel free to download it for 7 inch tablet android 6.

3. YouTube Go

It is the miniature version of the social video platform of Google. You can access it in over 130 countries. This simple platform comes with effective and minimal features. When downloading a video, you can select a low-quality version. It will help you to control your data usage. Moreover, send videos to your buddies through Bluetooth. Furthermore, you can save space on your android device.

7 inch tablet android 6

4. Spotify Lite

A 15MB version of Spotify lite is available after beta testing. Spotify has released its final version for android users. It weighs in only 10MB to save space. With its tiny size, it will use the minimum resources of your 7 inch tablet android 6

You can stream music with your phone without any trouble. This lite app may not have some aspects to save data. Remember, it comes with data monitoring solutions, but you will not get the ability to play offline songs. You can’t download songs using this lite version. If this device has minimum storage, you will need this app.

5. Opera Mini

If you can’t use Google Go, you can download a lite offshoot version of Opera browser. With this browser, you can save data and space. This special edition is available for android users, such as 7 inch tablet android 6Moreover, it comes with an integrated adblocker. A download button is available for videos. You can find it for both android and iOS devices.

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