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4 Best Hacking Apps for Android Users!

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Our readers were constantly posting queries about the best hacking applications available on the web online. So today we thought of discussing the top web hacking applications available on the web-store. Hacking is said to be an illegal practice, but there are some departments in the world of business and work where they are acknowledged and are legalized.


Andro rat is the first hacking application in our list today. Today we will talk about the working of andro rat and how it helps android users in hacking and other processes. The andro rat is a free application available on the play store and can be downloaded on any android device for hacking purposes. Just download the application and start running it. This application helps you to hack contacts, messages, call logs and location of the desired device. The usage of the app is a bit complex, and we won’t get into the details of it as we are only discussing the top applications today. To know about their complete working, visit us again for more updates about it.

Hack code!

Hack code is the second application in our list today that we will discuss. The hack code is one of the most accepted applications, and one of the most rated one in the play store by Google. If you are getting an android device for the purpose of hacking, then you might need the hack code application as it is one of the best. This application is generally used by big marts and cash and carries as it is most famous for hacking barcodes and scan signs etc. so if you want to hack information about any product through its bar, you might need this application.4 Best Hacking Apps


Zanti is the third application that we will discuss today in our list today. The zanti android application for hacking serves the purpose of hacking information about web surfing and browser history theft. You can easily use these android applications to hack this information of the sort.


Faceniff is the fourth and the last application that we are going to discuss today. If you are a Wi-Fi thief, then you might need this application as it is one of the best one in this sort of hacking. You can easily download it from the play store. If you are already using an application, then tell us about it and give us your feedback!

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